MT4 datafeed
for MCX and NSE

We are here to provide you the best charts

MT4 software is world's best choice for all Stock and commodity Markets and the number of count for the MT4 users are huge. We offer stock and commodity market datafeed for MCX and NSE. Our MT4 server gives the accruate price update without any delay and its is realtime.

MT4 softwares comes with most of the common indicators such as MACD, RSI, ADX, Bollinger band, Ichimoku, hieken ashi, stochastic etc. It is very easy and user-friendly software, any beginner too can use it perfectly without any problem. We cover more than 900 Symbols in MT4 and NSE Cash, NSE Futures, Index Options, Commodity, Currency all are available in our MT4 datafeed.

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Auto Buy and
Sell Signal Software

Our Buy and Sell Signals are Unique and Profitable

We Provide Various kind of profit generating softwares for Intraday and positional traders. Software which is providing buy and sell signal is made according to the requirement of the clients need and we customized it accordingly.

Intraday traders can use Eagle trading system for Commodity market and those who are trading stock market, can use Supertrend signals. We have some special strategies for Crude Oil which gives best profitable results every month

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We’ve Accurate
Robot trading software.

We are here to provide you the fastest order execution in robot trading.

Manual trading became old now. Traders now moving to smart trading options and Max sure gain is the one who provide them perfect solutions. Our robot trading bridge provides the best and the fastest order execution.

Emotions always becomes the main reason of loosing money in stock and commodity market and once a trader move to auto robot trading or algo trading, it completely get him rid of the major losses and the algo trading is really possible and profitable. We offer highly profitbale and exclusive strategies for stock and commodity trading which makes consitent profit everymonth which is the must requiement of a trader.

We offer online demostration of our software via teamviewer or anydesk. Don't hesitate just fill the demo form to have the risk free demo of our robot trading tool.

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Perfect Stock
and Commodity Trading Tips

We are here to give the highly accurate trading tips for stock and commodity markets.

We are leading MCX and NSE trading tips providing company and we provide tips via sms as well as android apps. You can see the trading tips on android apps as well as you can see the past performance report in the application itself.

Below are the links of our highly profitable apps. You can click on the links and download the apps for trial of 6 Days.

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